Leave a Voicemail for a Veteran

Let our service men and women know how much they’re appreciated by leaving a voicemail. Choose one of the veterans below and thank them for their service.

CALL: (770) 615-8985

Name: Charile and Carolyn Ruth
Branch: U.S. Army

Mr. Charlie Ruth was in the US Army for 10 years during the Vietnam war, where he worked in the Infantry and in medical services. Married to Carolyn for more than 40 years, the couple lives in Atlanta, Ga. Call the Ruths to thank them for their service!

Name: Emmanuel Melendex
Branch: Marines

While serving in Iraq in 2004, Mr. Emmanuel Melendex was struck by an IED and lost his right leg. Since returning home, Mr. Melendex has undergone a number of surgeries. Leave a message for Emmanuel to say thanks!

Name: Christopher Gion
Branch: Marines

Christopher was diagnosed with ALS while on active duty in the Marine Corps and is now completely dependent on others for his daily care. 

Name: Mr. and Mrs. Blanchard
Branch: U.S. Army

Mary and Dwight Blanchard served in the US Army for a combined total of 47 years. Working in communications and operations, the Blanchards are proud to have served their country. Call them now and say thank you!

Celebration of Service 2018 - George Guy

Name: George Guy
Branch: U.S. Army

George Guy is a veteran of the U.S. Army. He and his wife Marina, an amputee, raised a beautiful family together, and his legacy has carried on to his son who is serving in the Army. Thank Mr. Guy by leaving a voicemail for him!

Celebration of Service 2018 - John Wright Image

Name: John Wright
Branch: Marines

John Wright is a veteran of the United States Marines Corps. He served in the Vietnam War and now lives on the Westside of Atlanta. Join with us and thank Mr. Wright for his service by leaving a message above!

Celebration of Service 2018 - Bernardo Ramaro

Name: Bernardo Ramaro

Bernardo Ramaro served in the Korean War. He is a blind veteran who now lives in Austin with his service dog, Whiskey. Call the number above to leave Bernardo a message thanking him for his service.

Name: Arlette Belgrave
Branch: Army Reserves

Arlette Belgrave enlisted in the Army Reserves when she was just 17 years old. She served in the Army Reserves for 20 years and completed 13 years active duty serving in both Operation Desert Shield/Storm and Operation Enduring Freedom. Call Ms. Belgrave now to thank her for her service.