Committing to Action, Delivering Results

Any decision we make today can affect our world tomorrow — and it's our duty as a company to look out for the Earth’s well-being. That means holding ourselves, our suppliers and our business partners accountable for sustainable business practices. It means constantly reviewing our corporate impact. It means setting goals for improvement and meeting them — and surpassing them in many cases. This is the power of The Home Depot's can-do spirit — working together to create a better world, faster through the business we operate and the products we sell.


CO2 Reduction - Target Emissions: Science based target - 39.9% by 2030. Store Energy Use: 20% Store Energy Use Reduction by 2020. Renewable/Alternative Energy: Produce/Procure 135 MW of renewable energy by 2020
$500 million committed to veteran causes by 2025. $50 Million to train skilled tradespeople in the next 10 years. Save consumers $2.8 Billion in monthly energy costs by 2020.
Save consumers 250 billion gallons of water by 2020 from water saving products. Reduce Tropical Deforestation. Eliminate neonicotinoids pesticide use on all live goods by 2019.
Remove added ortho-phthalate in vinyl flooring. Reduce supect chemicals in paint, carpet & insulation. Reduce chemicals of concern in cleaning chemicals by December 2022.