Empowering Success


We are proud to operate a company that believes in reflecting, respecting and supporting diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) among our associates and suppliers, as well as in the communities we serve. A diverse and inclusive workplace brings different perspectives and new ideas to our company, and that yields ingenuity and success. 

We are intentional in our efforts to advance diversity and inclusion practices and procedures throughout the company. The Home Depot career website offers candidates a look at our commitment to diversity and inclusion. We connect with veterans and their spouses through our military transition portal. We also strive to lead by example through a continued focus on expanding diversity within our leadership teams. See data about diversity and inclusion in our workplace in our
2020 Responsibility Report.

+DID YOU KNOW? In fiscal 2019, over 33% of our hires were female, and over 50% were ethnically diverse.

We provide meaningful business opportunities for minority-, veteran-, LGBTQ-, differently abled- and female-owned certified businesses. These suppliers enable The Home Depot to offer innovative products and services, meet the needs of our diverse customer base and support economic growth in the communities we serve. 

We maintain memberships, participate in trade shows and sponsor efforts of groups that specifically target diverse businesses. In addition, our local and national community partners help us further our DEI aims. Since 2017, we have committed $35 million to organizations working to improve social equity.

+CHECK IT OUT: Retool Your School has funded 117 sustainable campus improvement projects benefitting 87% of the nation’s historically Black colleges and universities.


Our learning and development programs expand skills and capabilities so associates can master their current roles and prepare for future ones. The Home Depot employs a variety of training formats and experiences to build a learning-rich workplace where associates and leaders are prepared to succeed, motivated to serve our customers well and given opportunities to grow. 

We see results from our approach to turning front-line jobs into careers: Nearly 90% of our store leaders started as hourly associates.

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We strive to create a sense of belonging among our associates. That emotional commitment to our
company and our goals is vital to The Home Depot’s culture and to our success.

Associate Resource Groups
Led by associates and championed by executive sponsors, our associate resource groups (ARGs) drive engagement and promote inclusion at our Store Support Center through professional development, cultural awareness and community outreach. Each of our seven ARGs connects to a single aspect of diversity while supporting our broadly inclusive company culture.

Voice of the Associate
We create an engaging workplace by listening to and acting on associate feedback. In 2019, we received feedback from more than 350,000 associates through our Voice of the Associate survey. Our survey results indicate that, on average, four out of five associates are emotionally committed to and fully engaged in the work they do. We use associates’ feedback to keep improving our workplace.

Engagement Platform
We enable associates to share ideas through an associate engagement platform. More than 300,000 U.S. and Canadian associates have joined our digital hub since 2010, making it one of the largest enterprise social media communities in North America. With more than 1,000 groups, this platform connects associates to share real-time feedback, best practices and answers on everything from store operations to hobby how-tos.