Home Depot General Counsel Reflects on Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens

July 25, 2019

Early in her legal career, Teresa Roseborough, EVP and General Counsel for The Home Depot, served as law clerk for Justice John Paul Stevens of the U.S. Supreme Court. Justice Stevens, the third longest serving member of the Supreme Court, recently passed away at 99 years old.

Teresa and several other law clerks were selected to serve as honorary pallbearers as the Justice’s casket arrived at the Supreme Court to lie in repose.  “It was deeply humbling to have one last opportunity to stand with my fellow law clerks to honor all he meant to our country.”

Teresa looks back fondly on Justice Stevens and her year as his clerk as a formative role and major career influence.

“I was proud to work for him and was enriched by his intellect, his professionalism, his love for this country and its Constitution, his sense of fairness, his devotion to the protection of liberty, his gentle good humor, and his humility,” says Teresa.

Justice Stevens served as a Naval Intelligence Officer during World War II, later drawing on that experience to analyze each legal case he came across to thoroughly understand the facts and laws involved.

Teresa describes Justice Stevens as remarkable, resolute, and brave. “He was a patriot and guardian of liberty. Having served this country in war, he possessed a special regard for what this nation stands for.”

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