Trades Training

Right now, there is a gap between the supply and demand for skilled trades workers across the U.S., with demand exceeding supply. Current surveys by the Bureau of Labor statistics estimate that there are approximately 400,000 (and growing rapidly) open jobs requiring plumbers, carpenters, electricians and HVAC specialists.

Working closely with veterans to improve their homes and lives, and learning about current veteran issues, The Home Depot Foundation recognizes that many separating military men and women often struggle with finding their place in everyday life when they leave the service.

In partnership with the Home Building Institute (HBI), our Trades Training program aims to fill the trades gap in the fields of plumbing, carpentry, electrical engineering, and HVAC specialties, while also better preparing separating military veterans for their return to civilian life.

The Foundation has pledged a commitment to train 20,000 more tradespeople to fill the industry pipeline by 2028. To do this, the Foundation will invest $50 million dollars into non-profits that share our vision, in order to highlight the value that tradespeople provide to the economy and help replenish an industry that is currently not seeing growth.